CREMER - In business for more than 50 Jahren

On Friday the 6’th of July 2018 the company CREMER celebrated its 50’th anniversary.

Foto: Familie Cremer on the 06.07.2018 (Foto by Photostudio Heinrich Heinrichs)

1968 Company founding „CREMER Industrieofenbau“

At the beginning of the year 1968, Herbert Cremer founds the company CREMER Industrieofenbau, based in Düren, Germany. Steady growth of the young company marks the subsequent years

1982 Reorganisation of the Company

In 1982, further expansion for the international clientele as well as company reorganising grows essential. Harald Cremer, the elder son of the company founder, becomes CEO of CREMER Thermoprozessanlagen GmbH. To this day, he heads the company. Ever-increasing market requirements for new and efficient equipment require a development team independent of production

1986 Cooperation between two Companies

A second company is founded: POLYFOUR – a development and distribution ltd. for industrial furnaces. Ingo Cremer, the younger son, becomes its CEO. The cooperation between CREMER and POLYFOUR guarantees future-oriented, modern, and reliable plant designs. In 1986, new facilities are erected and inaugurated in Düren-Konzendorf. Facility equipment and structures are optimized for the requirements of manufacturing complete state-of-the-art furnace systems

1988 - 1992
1988 - 1992 Cooperation with Seco Warwick USA

1988 Conti Steam Development

1990 Research in our Technical Center

In 1990, a technical center is set up and equipped with our own test facilities, allowing the simulation and analysis of furnace operating conditions. Since 1992, a metallographic test laboratory has been affiliated to the technical center

1992 MIM-Master Development

1994 Harald Cremer, Ingo Cremer and Herbert Cremer

1997 Quality Management

In 1997, the company gives itself a new and efficient inner structure according to DIN EN ISO 9001, codifying optimum procedures. Our Quality Management System is „alive“ and undergoes continuous updating

1998 Professional Logistics

In 1998, more than 100 staff members are employed with CREMER and POLYFOUR. With their many years of job experience, each one of them contributes to the company success. Both branches secure their junior staff by apprenticeship in all respective metal-working and electrotechnical professions.

Contacts to nearby RWTH Aachen and FH Jülich secure junior academics. Low employee fluctuation ensures sustained success as extensive staff experience is exploitable. High flexibility and modern machines and equipment as well as up-to-date data technology during the complete process from procurement via design (CAD) to order service enable the company to satisfy highest customer standards

2000 Globalisation

In 2000, customers worldwide made us respond to progressing globalisation: foreign subsidiaries and distribution partnerships were established for our markets in Europe, Asia, America, and Russia

2001 Capacity Expansion

In 2001, another manufacturing shop for medium-sized furnace plants was put into operation. The footprint of this new hangar covers 800 m², where even complete furnace systems can be tested

2007 - 2013
2007 - 2013 EPMA Chairmanship

Ingo Cremer becomes EPMA chairman

2008 Cooperation increase with RWTH Aachen

The Aachen-Düren area is a science region. Since our foundation in 1968, we are closely tied to the internationally renowned Technical University of Aachen (RWTH). In 2008, these ties are intensified.

2012 HIP/CIP Business Buyout from Dieffenbacher GmbH

Technology buyout of the Dieffenbacher GmbH HIP/ CIP business including takeover of the customer base as well as their supply with spare parts, maintenance, service, repairs, and modifications

2014 Buyout of SOF-Equipment GmbH Eschweiler Furnace Manufacturer

The engineering office is operated under CREMER Engineering GmbH, strengthening our engineering capacity

2015 Commissioning of the first HIP after Modernisation

2016 RWTH IAPK Membership

CREMER becomes an associate of the Förderverein des Institut für Anwendungen in der Pulvermetallurgie und Keramik (IAPK). Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Cremer has been a board member since 2017

2016 Extensive exploration of the MIM + HIP process and advancement of the rapid cooling system ISOCOOL repressing of additive „printed“ components

2017 Inauguration of a new Manufacturing Shop and attached Office Building

In 2017, another manufacturing shop is put into operation. In addition to a footprint of 550 m², it comprises a 150m² office building for the HIP/ CIP business

2017 The first in-house developed HIP Technology Carrier is put into Operation

„Proof of Concept“ plant goes into operation, focussing on the MIM and AM business (Additive Manufacturing, 3D print)

2018 CREMER HIP-Innovations GmbH is founded

The company CREMER HIP Innovations GmbH (managing director: M. Knauff) is founded on the 20.03.2018. The purpose of the company is the manufacturing, world-wide marketing and sales of equipment for hot-isostatic presses and cold-isostatic presses for use in hot-isostatic and cold-isostatic processes.

2018 Appointment of Managing Directors

April 2018 Stefanie Cremer and Horst Cremer are promoted to the role of managing director.

2018 Fachmetall PM Qualification Award

On the 16.08.2018 the company CREMER Thermoprozessanlagen GmbH receives the Fachmetall PM Qualification Award from the metallurgical laboratory FACHMETALL GmbH.

2019 EPMA Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Ingo Cremer receives the EPMA Distinguished Service Award 2019 during the plenary session of the EURO PM2019 in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

2021 Board Member of VDMA's Thermo Process Technology

On the 30.11.2021 Dr.-Ing. Ingo Cremer is elected to the board of the VDMA’s specialist department Thermo Process Technology.