Batch Steam Treatment Furnace

The continuous steam treatment process serves the enhancement of part-specific properties, e.g. firmness, abrasion- and corrosion-resistance.
Various powder metallurgically manufactured components undergo treatment according to this procedure. The continuous steam treatment furnace described on this Website is also available as a Batch furnace. See link: Continuous Steam Treatment Furnace


Technical Features

Throughput: 50-400kg/h
Atmosphere: H2O steam
Temperature: max. 750 °C

Steam treatment of green Fe-PM-parts

Additional equipment modules

  • Automation (Total Process Control (TPC) System)

The CREMER Principle






Customer Reviews

… the care and attention expressed in the craftsmanship of our new furnace gives me the impression we are taking ownership of a modern piece of manufactured “artwork” more so than one highly engineered UHT furnace!