Conveyor Belt Sintering Furnace CBS

Conveyor Belt Sintering Furnaces (CBS) are common industrial systems constituting standard powder metallurgical applications. In principle, all CBS models are suitable for operation under protective gas atmosphere. Heating can be either electric or by indirect gas burners. A wide variety of accessories and different layouts allow individual constructions with proven serial components. In addition to small models with a throughput of 40 kg/h, we produce furnaces allowing up to 850 kg/h of throughput at furnace belt widths of up to 1000 mm. Therefore, CBS systems are interesting not only from the technological point of view, they also constitute a commercially attractive solution for manifold applications.



Technical Features

Effective width: 200-1000mm
Throughput: 20-850kg/h
Heating: Electric or gas or hybrid
Atmosphere: endogas based or forming gas
Temperatures: 900 °C, 1150 °C, 1200 °C

Sintering green Fe-PM powder parts is a typical application. Modern stearate zones burn the pressing additives off. The parts are sintered under forming gas or endogas in the ceramic muffled sinter zone. In combination with rapid cooling, the green parts can be heat treated in the sinter furnace. In combination with a forging press, the green parts, e.g. connecting rods, can be taken out of the sinter zone and can be forged.

Additional equipment modules

  • RBO Dewaxing (Rapid Burn Off)
  • Ceramic muffle
  • C-level control
  • Integrated endogas generator


  • Rapid cooling
  • Annealing module
  • Sinter forge design (Hot-Forging)
  • HT Conveyor Belt Furnace up to 1.200°C


  • Automation

The CREMER Principle






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