Ammonia Dissociator

In addition to the standard process plant equipment, we of course also offer optional equipment modules for example to enhance or automate the process control or increase the application range of a thermal process plant.

In cases where a reducing furnace atmosphere is needed and depending on the chemical composition of the gas required, we offer our ammonia dissociator series ASP-20 to ASP-120. Capacities of 20 Nm3/h  (ASP-20) to 120 Nm3/h  (ASP-120) are possible with the typical gas analysis corresponding to 75 Vol.% H2 and 25 Vol.% N2. The working temperature of the ammonia cracker is 850°C to 1050°C.

Our ammonia dissociators can be purchased as part of the customized equipment for a thermal process plant, or separately. If a reducing furnace atmosphere is needed for carburizing or carbonitriding, then please refer to our endothermic gas generators.




Technical Features

Heating: Electric
Atmosphere: Forming gas
Temperature: 850 °C < T < 1050 °C

A wide variety of thermal processes require a reducing atmosphere. Forming gas produced by an ammonia dissociator, also referred to as ammonia cracker, and which typically consists of 75% H2 and 25% N2 is an excellent alternative. It is for example used for brazing and/or bright annealing of parts consisting of high or low carbon steels, copper, brass, beryllium copper, nickel, nickel alloys and silicon iron. Other applications include bright hardening of tool and martensitic stainless steels and powder metal sintering.

Additional equipment modules

  • Gas dryer
  • Dewpoint measuring device
  • NH3-residual content checking device

The CREMER Principle






Customer Reviews

… the care and attention expressed in the craftsmanship of our new furnace gives me the impression we are taking ownership of a modern piece of manufactured “artwork” more so than one highly engineered UHT furnace!