Corporate Social Responsibilty and Sustainability

Sustainable management is a continuous process. Our goal is to act economically in harmony with ecological and social concerns.

Sustainability Strategy

We are meeting this challenge with a systematic step-by-step approach based on the German Sustainability Code (DNK). This approach involves a continuous and targeted further development of our sustainability concept, which in turn means not only a suitable strategy but also its implementation and responsible management.

Individual CSR and Sustainability Topics

As an established medium-sized family business with its main location in Germany, both ecological and social sustainability issues have long been a concern of ours.


Product Development

A future-oriented approach, which also includes the practical implementation of goal-oriented measures for Germany as a production location, is necessary to overcome the challenges of climate change. It is also of great importance for our future global competitiveness.

Therefore, finding solutions in the context of the energy transition, the corresponding expansion of renewable energies and the necessary availability of future energy sources has been a topic concerning our plant technology product development for many years.


Future-oriented research and development projects

We actively support future-oriented research and development projects, including as a member of the Institute of Applied Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics IAPK (RWTH Aachen) and as a member of the FOGI (VDMA).   Amongst other activities, for many years we have been making an active contribution by participating in the project-accompanying committee of research projects of public research institutes.

Company headquarters

The company CREMER Industrieofenbau was founded in 1968 by Herbert Cremer (see company history). The CREMER headquartes is located in Düren-Konzendorf, and is easily accessible via the A4 motorway either from Cologne (about 53-65 km to the east) or Aachen (about 30km to the west). Konzendorf is part of the district Echtz-Konzendorf of the city of Düren.

Source of picture above: A representation of the artwork Wimmelbild Echtz-Konzendorf, kindly provided by the artist Christiane Mucha after a visit to KunsTraum an der Rur on 21.01.2022

  • In the spirit of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases with the help of more electric mobility, we now have three charging stations for e-cars on our company premises.
  • A small contribution on our part to the preservation of the diversity of species is, for example, a design of the green areas at our main location in Düren-Konzendorf that is as natural as possible.

Use of renewable energy

In addition, for many years we have been covering our production energy requirements partly with the help of the photovoltaic systems installed at our site in Düren. In 2021 the solar energy generated covered 42% of our electricity requirements.

It is interesting to note, that for a fairly steady electricity consumption per month, the percentage of solar energy generated seems to be predominately dependent on the seasonal solar insolation. Not only is June the month with the highest seasonal insolation,  in 2021 it was the month with the most hours of sunshine. Therefore in 2021 the output of our solar panels represented almost 90% of our electricity consumption in June. The effect of the heavy rainfalls in July, which unfortunately led to flooding in many parts of NRW, is reflected by the lower amount generated in July.

Commitment & Society

Networking and actively supporting R&D

CREMER Thermoprozessanlagen GmbH is a member of the following organizations:

Further education of future specialists

Through our commitment as a member of the IAPK (RWTH Aachen) and FOGI (VDMA), we support the further training of future specialists at technical universities.


At our location in Düren, we offer trainees m/f the opportunity to qualify either as industrial mechanics m/f, electronics technicians for industrial engineering m/f or as technical product designers m/f in the field of machine and plant design.


Rules of conduct

For us at CREMER, it is part of our corporate culture to act ethically in everyday business and to comply with applicable law.

Quality management

Our newly updated quality managment system certificates can be found here: CREMER company profile


One of our strengths as a medium sized family run company, is our ability to react in a flexible way to unforeseen circumstances. Our approach is to be vigilant and open minded, keeping a keen eye on current events, in order to be able to react as fast as possible to unforeseen challenges in difficult times.

This approach has served us well in the past and so we continue along this path, thereby adapting our management approach as appropriate to take new challenges into account.

The common thistle – A hardy plant sometimes used as a symbol for steadfastness



Dr.-Ing. Jacqueline Gruber