A visit to KunsTraum an der Rur

On the occasion of the 1275th birthday of the city of Düren, an art calendar has been published (source: dn-news.de, news of 30.11.2021). The calendar, designed by the artist Christiane Mucha, contains 12 lovingly created designs which show many characteristic places of interest and landmarks of the districts of Düren. One of the designs shows the district of Konzendorf, on which a representation of the headquarters of the company CREMER Thermoprozessanlagen GmbH can be found.

Figure 1: A visit to the art school KunsTraum an der Rur – the artist Christiane Mucha in front of her 12 designs for the art calendar

Our company headquarters can also be discovered on a larger design by the artist showing the city of Düren itself. This particular picture contains more than 400 individual places of interest and local landmarks. We were delighted to find our company headquarters amongst the details shown, as the family-owned company CREMER is firmly rooted in the region and is an integral part of the city. Therefore, we decided to visit the KunsTraum on the Rur and get two of the lively pictures to decorate our company offices in Düren-Konzendorf.

Figure 2: Visit at the artist’s workshop KunsTraum an der Rur – the two pictures are a welcome addition of color to our staircase!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the artist Christina Mucha for the lovely visit!