Endothermic Gas Generator

In addition to the standard process plant equipment, we of course also offer optional equipment modules for example to help supply the necessary furnace atmosphere, to enhance or automate the process control or increase the application range of a thermal process plant.

In cases where a reducing furnace atmosphere is needed, we offer gas generators suitable for our clients requirements. Our product range includes ammonia dissociators as well as endothermic gas generators.

Endothermic gas is typically generated by reacting a mixture of methane (CH4) and air (N2, O2) to form carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen (N2) and hydrogen (H2) without excess carbon dioxide or water vapor. The working temperature lies between 950°C and 1100°C.

Our endothermic gas generators are often implemented as an integral part of a specific industrial furnace. In addition to this option, we also offer endothermic gas generator plants as an external unit to supply gas to one or more industrial furnaces. Our endothermic gas generators can therefore be designed to be part of the customized equipment for a specific thermal process plant, or separately as an external gas generating plant.





Technical Features

Heating: Electric, gas or process heat
Temperature: 950 °C < T < 1100 °C

A wide variety of thermal processes require a reducing atmosphere. Endothermic gas produced by an endogas generator is for example often used for carburizing and carbonitriding.

Additional equipment modules

  • Depends on application and configuration

The CREMER Principle






Customer Reviews

… the care and attention expressed in the craftsmanship of our new furnace gives me the impression we are taking ownership of a modern piece of manufactured “artwork” more so than one highly engineered UHT furnace!