Refractory Metal Powders

CREMER furnaces are also applied for the heat treatment of refractory metal powder. Such metal powders, such as molybdenum, tungsten, tungsten carbide (refer to: CARBIDE2500), cobalt and uranium oxide can best be processed using powder metallurgy methods. They are produced in electric arc furnaces (not part of our product range), by injection or even chemically.  The metal powder produced in this way must be reduced, often in several steps. Therefore we offer several types of thermal process facilities, which are optimally adapted to the required process steps, e.g. Multi tube furnaces.

In the case of these furnaces the powder is filled into metallic trays and pushed through the tubes. A high gas flow, which is recirculated, ensures, that no water condenses. In some cases the loaded trays are moved through the tubes in two layers. The trays are loaded and emptied automatically. Such utilities are especially needed for the production of molybdenum and tungsten powder. Also refer to the link: Rotary Drum Powder Reduction Plant and the link: Pusher Type Sintering Furnace

  • Temperatures of up to 1150°C (up to 2500°C for the CARBIDE2500 pusher type sintering furnace)
  • Up to 18 tubes in one furnace


Technical Features

Temperature: up to 1150 °C

The technical features, specifications and additional equipment are adapted to the specific needs of our clients and depend on the required thermal process, throughput and process parameter range.

Additional equipment modules

  • Automation

The CREMER Principle






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