Walking Beam Sintering Furnace WBS

In applications at high temperatures combined with high throughput rates, Walking Beam Furnaces come into action. The parts lying on charge carriers are run through the furnace. The walking beam is a transport vehicle of utmost smoothness. Thus, the walking beam furnace combines the advantages of roller furnaces with those of pusher furnaces. It is highly accepted for Fe-PM parts sintering, MIM, and even refractory and heavy metals and fuel element sintering.

Frequently, different furnace approaches are combined: stearate zone = pusher furnace, HT zone = walking beam, rapid cooling = roller furnace, cooling zone = conveyor belt furnace. This way, a highly efficient high temperature sinter furnace for Fe-PM is modelled.



Technical Features

Effective width: 230, 330, 400, 420mm, also as Twin (variable, depending on charge carrier)
Throughput: 40 - 650kg/h with green Fe-PM-parts
Heating: Electric
Atmosphere: Forming gas
Temperatures: 1280 °C, 1350 °C, 1450 °C, 1600 °C, 1800 °C

Green Fe-PM parts are sintered at „High Temperature“ and under forming gas atmosphere. Sintering at temperatures exceeding 1.150°C is called high temperature (HT) sintering. With modern additional components, e.g. rapid cooling, heat treatment of the green parts can be integrated in the sinter furnace. Often, also stainless-steel powder parts are sintered, e.g. Cr plates used in fuel cells. The CREMER walking beam technology has established a reputation in fuel element sintering.

Additional equipment modules

  • Modern Soft Rapid Burn Off
  • Carbon restoration module
  • Rapid cooling
  • Annealing


  • Automation

The CREMER Principle






Customer Reviews

… the care and attention expressed in the craftsmanship of our new furnace gives me the impression we are taking ownership of a modern piece of manufactured “artwork” more so than one highly engineered UHT furnace!