Cold Isostatic Presses CIP

The cold isostatic pressing process has the objective of compressing various types of powders  for the shaping of components and semi-finished parts. The powder is filled into a flexible form and immersed completely in the pressure vessel of the plant (wet-bag process).

The plant quickly builds up the necessary pressure of up to 6000 bar, which applies the pressure force evenly on the outer surface of the form, thereby homogeneously compressing the powder. The pressure increase is achieved by using a fast working robust hydraulic operated pressure multiplier.

Our portfolio consists of multi-functional high performance laboratory units as well as product orientated and optimized production plants. In addition, we also offer other general services for high pressure equipment.





Technical Features

Throughput: Pressure builds up within seconds to a few minutes (production plants)
Atmosphere: pressure medium is water, oil, glycol (up to 6000 bar)
Temperature: limited by boiling temperature of medium

Cold isostatic presses, especially our wet-bag pressing method, is in use when an absolute homogeneous powder compaction is required. Especially on large components or semi-finished products, conventional uniaxial pressing soon reaches its limits. E.g. for preforming large isolators from ceramic powders or melting pots from graphite powders, cold isostatic pressing is the most suitable fabrication method.

Additional equipment modules

  • Press moulds and tools
  • Crane for batch loading and unloading


  • HMI-TPC 4.0 (Human Machine Interface, Total Process Control 4.0)
  • Automation

The CREMER Principle






Customer Reviews

… the care and attention expressed in the craftsmanship of our new furnace gives me the impression we are taking ownership of a modern piece of manufactured “artwork” more so than one highly engineered UHT furnace!